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Boost your city IQ with AWC’s CityVoice podcast! You’ll learn as you listen in to conversations on legislation, city management, and more. Each episode of the podcast’s first season will focus on a different topic of importance to Washington’s city leaders. You can access episodes using the player below, or by searching for CityVoice wherever you listen to podcasts.



Season 3

S03E03: Using CARES funds

Listen in to a recent AWC-hosted discussion with city leaders across Washington as they discuss how they've used CARES funding in their cities and towns.

S03E02: Advancing racial equity

Hear highlights from the session Let’s get REAL: Advancing the conversation about race, equity, and leadership from the AWC Annual Conference Online. Listen to local leaders as they explore and discuss how we can each take on a leadership role in our community to foster equity and address racism.

S03E01: Local government after COVID-19

Hear highlights from the session Rethinking local government after COVID-19 from the AWC Annual Conference Online. Now is the time to reflect on the challenges cities have faced, the lessons cities have learned, and new ideas and programs that cities can implement to support their communities.


Season 2

S02E03: Medication-assisted treatment in city jails

This episode focuses on one of this year’s legislative priorities: medication-assisted treatment for incarcerated individuals with opioid use disorder. We sit down with two representatives from the Washington State Health Care Authority to get a clearer picture of the opioid crisis in Washington. We also talk with AWC’s own Sharon Swanson to learn how city-owned jails are affected. Listen above and find links to more information.

S02E02: The State of the Cities

At the start of the year we released our 2020 State of the Cities report, which found that cities are the economic drivers of our state and play an important role in the health of Washington. But cities are struggling to meet the basic needs of their communities and are facing new challenges. We sat down with Sheila, Candice, and Maggie to go over these and other report findings.

S02E01: 7 Priorities in 2020

This episode of the CityVoice podcast, join Emma, Carl and Candice as they cover the seven priorities and what they mean for Washington cities and AWC as we head into the 2020 legislative session.


Season 1

S01E14: "Race Pace" & "Business School"

This episode of the CityVoice podcast, we cover articles from the Cityvision magazine. The first article, Race Pace, covers the city of Tumwater as they adopt a long-term approach to diversifying their fire service. The second article, Business School, follows the city of Walla Walla as they cater to a neglected niche of the city's would-be entrepreneurs.

S01E13: Industrial symbiosis

This special episode of the CityVoice podcast was recorded at AWC’s Annual Conference in Spokane. We sit down with Rhys Roth, Director of the Center for Sustainable Infrastructure to learn how Washington cities can become environmentally friendly economic hubs through “industrial symbiosis.”

S01E12: A tale of two cities

It's a feud Shakespeare himself could have conjured: Two cities – Bingen and White Salmon – locked in a bitter rivalry dating back to their founding in the late 1800s. The issue? Access to the Columbia River.

S01E11: Growing Community Leaders, a discussion with Heidi Khokhar of RDI

Do rural communities face unique challenges? How do you realize economic growth when you can’t afford an economic development department? Interviewed on location in South Bend, AWC talks with Heidi Khokhar, Executive Director of Rural Development Initiatives, about these questions and more.

S01E10: Drugs and the workplace in Washington

We sit down with Carol Wilmes to discuss how drugs and alcohol are impacting municipal workplaces across our state. Find out what counts as “reasonable suspicion,” who is subject to random drug testing, and more.

S01E09: The Legislative session recap

Get the inside scoop from Candice Bock, Logan Bahr, Sharon Swanson and Carl Schroeder as they discuss the most interesting and unexpected happenings from the Legislative session, including popular footwear during this year’s “snowmageddon,” and what’s happening with the Legislature in the run-up to adjournment. Also, find out what you can do after session ends.

S01E08: What's up with the state budget?

This week, AWC's Candice Bock and Sheila Gall discuss and compare the proposed House and Senate budgets. Find out more about the budget process, how it affects Washington cities, and what you can still do.

S01E07: Affordable housing update

This week we interview AWC’s Carl Schroeder about what’s going on with affordable housing in the latter half of the legislative session. You’ll hear about a group of bills that AWC has been tracking, along with Carl’s open take on what tools cities are looking for to increase their affordable housing stock.

S01E06: Transportation

Listen in this week as we sit down with AWC's Logan Bahr to discuss a bevy of bills related to transportation. Logan gives us an update of how the session is shaping up so far, what's contained within a proposed 10-year transportation package, and we run through a list of transportation bills AWC has been working on this session.

S01E05: The Criminal Justice Training Commission

Cities in Washington are facing a bottleneck. Police officers are retiring faster than their replacements can be trained. In this episode, Government Relations Advocate Sharon Swanson talks about Washington’s Criminal Justice Training Commission (CJTC), what AWC is doing to address this situation, and what cities can do to help.

S01E04: The Public Works Trust Fund and fixing fish-blocking culverts

Washington state’s infrastructure is in serious need of repair. Listen in as members of AWC’s legislative team discuss the prospects for the Public Works Trust Fund and a comprehensive approach to fixing the state’s culverts.

S01E03: Economic development

This week our staff experts delve into what our cities named as their top priority in our 2018 city conditions survey: Economic development. Our cities turn the wheels of commerce in Washington State, driving a staggering 96% of gross domestic product here. Join the conversation as Candice Bock and Brandon Anderson explore the connections between cities, our economy, and local infrastructure.

S01E02: Affordable housing

It’s an issue that has ramifications for homelessness, economic development, the environment, and more. Listen in as Government Relations Advocate Carl Schroeder talks with Deputy CEO Alicia Seegers Martinelli about the challenges and opportunities related to affordable housing.

S01E01: City priorities and the 2019 legislative session

Listen to this engaging 20-minute podcast featuring a conversation with AWC’s Government Relations Director, Candice Bock. She dives into what you can expect for the 2019 legislative session, our city legislative priorities, and some interesting insight into how the AWC legislative team goes to bat for you. The podcast is a great way to boost your city IQ during your commute, while you get ready in the morning, or on your walk around the block.

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