Workers' Comp Retro Program

Performance & refunds

AWC Workers' Comp Retro Program staff are constantly monitoring individual member performance to increase workplace safety and lower workers’ comp costs. We use performance information to track trends, develop relevant trainings, and share best practices. For our Retro Pool members, this performance data helps you yield refunds.

Membership expectations

Every employee, home safe, every night is at the heart of our work and member expectations. Not only do these expectations ensure members are in compliance with state regulations, but that all members are working together to realize the largest refund possible for the Retro pool.

Retro Pool risks and rewards

When you’re part of the Retro Pool, employers benefit from sharing both risks and rewards. Learn more about the Retro Pool and L&I Retro plan selection.

View L&I workers’ comp rates

Learn how L&I premiums are determined and rate trends for common public sector jobs.

Use the Stay at Work Program

Find out if you’re claim is eligible for Stay at Work reimbursement. You could be eligible for $10,000 in reimbursements per claim.


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