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Published on Jan 17, 2018

Case study: GIS needs assessment

Contact: Andy Meyer

Client: City of Pullman
Location: Pullman, Washington

Our team conducted a GIS needs assessment for the City of Pullman to objectively evaluate their current use of GIS, and provide recommendations for optimizing their use of GIS in the future. We conducted a series of on-site interviews with city staff to better understand how they were currently implementing GIS and their ultimate usage goals. The assessment resulted in a three-year road map for the city that included over 20 prioritized recommendations.

We evaluated:

  • Short and long-term goals and objectives
  • Resources and responsibilities of city staff
  • Use of software
  • Day-to-day workflow within and across departments
  • Spatial data repositories
  • Hardware, server, and network resources and mobile devices

We identified:

  • Spatial data repositories
  • Methods for transferring institutional knowledge
  • Mechanisms to allow better access to city maintained data sets
  • Opportunities for increased ROI, especially in the areas of process automation and capacity building

We also recommended the development of particular tools and apps, estimated staff capacity needs for a more robust GIS program, and pinpointed areas where there would be a large ROI if a more robust program was implemented. Over-all, the GIS needs assessment allowed us to identify the steps that needed to be taken to get the city of Pullman where they wanted to be with GIS.

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