Employee Benefit Trust

Non-city membership

In 2004, the AWC Trust Board of Trustees adopted a non-city entity policy, effective January 1, 2005. The Board of Trustees has the authority to change these criteria, or impose a moratorium on the submission of non-city applicants, at any time. The following criteria and requirements must be met in order for a non-city entity to be considered for membership in the AWC Employee Benefit Trust.

Membership criteria

  • A current city or town member of the AWC must sponsor the non-city entity.
  • If enrollment is over 600 employees, medical claims experience is required. These large employers may limitedly customize medical plans, which will be uniquely rated.
  • The entity must have a formal agreement with an AWC member city or cities to provide services that are traditionally provided by a city or town (such as an Interlocal Agreement).
  • The entity must provide information to demonstrate that it provides services predominantly to cities and towns. Such information can include, but is not limited to a map of its service area.
  • The entity must not have access to insurance available through a professional service or other organization (i.e. Counties, Fire Commissioners, etc.) for which the non-city entity is affiliated, a member of, or eligible for membership due to the non-city entity's status or service it provides.
  • To be eligible for medical, vision and Delta Dental plans, the entity cannot be a private, nonprofit membership association.
  • The entity must complete an AWC Trust non-city entity application form.
  • The entity must submit the application to the AWC Trust a minimum of one month prior to any regular Board of Trustees meeting for consideration by the Board. Board of Trustees meeting schedule.
  • The council of the sponsoring member must adopt a resolution within six months prior to the non-city entity’s application date that requests membership into the AWC Employee Benefit Trust. View a sample city resolution.

If the above criteria have been met, the non-city entity's application will then be reviewed by the Board of Trustees for either acceptance or rejection at their next meeting.

Additional review criteria

The Board of Trustees may also consider additional criteria when reviewing applications, including but not limited to the current percentage of non-city entity members in the Trust.

Financial impacts

Upon Board approval of membership, the non-city entity will be charged an AWC Associate member fee ($300 – less than 16 employees/$500 – 16 or more employees) and .65% of its annual premium to the AWC Trust. Fees will be prorated for a mid-year enrollment. Rates are subject to review and/or change by the Board of Trustees at any time.

Employer requirements to join the AWC Trust

Once approved by the Board, in order to purchase AWC Trust benefits, the non-city entity must:

Once approved for membership – additional information

  • Non-city entities will have access to retiree medical and dental plans at the time of enrollment with the Trust (for eligible employees/retirees).
  • All employees and spouses enrolled on medical coverage will have access to the Trust’s comprehensive health promotion program.
  • If enrolled with the Trust, the entity must remain a member of the Trust for a minimum of three years.
  • Board of Trustees may terminate a participating employer’s participation in the Trust for cause; when required by law; for failure to pay premiums; or at its discretion with 60-days written notice.
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