Drug & Alcohol Consortium

Member rates


Annual membership fee

This includes a model policy and procedure manual provided electronically, materials for distribution to employees, regional supervisor trainings, annual report generation, access to Substance Abuse Professional services, and advice from staff and legal consultant on positive tests.

AWC members (cities) <5 CDL employees – $125/year
AWC members (cities) 5+ CDL employees – $200/year
AWC associate members (public agencies) – $225/year


Random drug and alcohol testing

Annual costs per covered person (payable in advance each year). Random testing is coordinated by A WorkSafe Service, Inc. and includes random selection, notification, collection, test analysis, MRO fees and record-keeping by the testing lab. Replacement or substitution of drivers is allowed at no additional charge.

AWC members (cities) – $55/employee
AWC associate members (public agencies) – $58/employee


Non-random services

Available at additional cost (billed directly to member jurisdiction) for pre-employment, reasonable suspicion, post-accident, return to duty and follow-up testing.

Drug test collection, analysis and MRO – $55/test

Breath alcohol test – $35/test
(both screening and confirmation test – if the screening test is 0.02 or above – are included at this price)

Split-sample testing at the request of an employee – $200/test
(Per US DOT regulations, payable in advance to A WorkSAFE Service by the employer – the employer can then recoup cost from employee, if so provided in policy.)


Mobile drug testing option

In addition to testing fees, government mileage rate from closest on-site collector (Vancouver, Seattle, Pasco, Spokane), plus $95 on-site fee if 5 or fewer individuals are tested.


Consultation/Professional fees

Deposition, expert witness, medical consultation, lab toxicologist – $200/hour


SAP (Substance Abuse Professional)

For ComPsych Employee Assistance Program members; fees will be similar for other SAPs – $600/case
Note: SAP fee must be paid prior to time of evaluation.


Supervisor training

AWC sponsors 5-8 regional supervisor sessions each year that are free for AWC Consortium members. Online supervisor training is also available at no charge to supervisors in member jurisdictions.


Additional on-site training

Members can contract with a trainer for training sessions provided on-site.

Supervisor training – $600/session, including travel expenses
Employee training (when done in conjunction with supervisor training) – $200/session


Non-federal 10-panel testing services

D&A Consortium members have the option of testing their non-DOT employees under the standard 5 drug panel (replicating drug panel testing per DOT regulations) or a panel of 10 drugs. 10-panel drug testing cannot be used for DOT-regulated employees. Your drug and alcohol testing policy and procedures need to specify the drugs that are being tested. The cost of the higher panel is $60


Customized Drug Free Workplace Act & employee education

As mandated by the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988, all governmental agencies receiving federal grant monies must provide a drug-free workplace. Heightened attention of late has sparked closer scrutiny on updating drug & alcohol policies and educating employees about their personal choices in off-hours that may affect their on-duty performance. This is a customized training tailored to your organization.

AWC D&A member – $300 per day
AWC Associate Member – $600 per day
Non-AWC member – $1000 per day

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