Published on Mar 11, 2019

Plastic bag and straw bills pass Senate

Contact: Carl Schroeder, Shannon McClelland

Two bills related to addressing the proliferation of single-use plastics advance.

SB 5323Plastic bag ban

A substitute of SB 5323 has passed the Senate. The bill has not been scheduled for a committee hearing in the House.

Here is a summary of the bill as passed by the Senate:

  • Prohibits a retailer from providing a customer a single use plastic bag, a paper or reusable plastic bag that does not meet recycled content requirements.
  • Requires a retailer to collect a pass-through charge of $0.08 for each recycled content large paper or plastic carryout bag provided.
  • Preempts local carryout bag ordinances starting in 2020, except for ordinances establishing a $0.10 pass-through charge in effect as of January 1, 2019.
  • Specifies recycled content requirements for paper and plastic bags.

The House companion, HB 1205, is awaiting floor action and must move out of the House by March 13. It preempts all existing local ordinances starting in 2020.

SB 5077Plastic single-use straws on request only

A substitute version of SB 5077 passed out of the Senate and will be heard in the House. The substitute changed the bill from a plastic straw ban to a “request only” proposal.

Beginning January 1, 2020, a food establishment may not provide a plastic straw to a consumer unless requested. The bill grandfathers any local ordinances in place as of the effective date of the act that, at minimum, meets the requirements of the act.


Dates to remember

SB 5077 will be heard in the House Environment & Energy Committee on 8 am on Thursday, March 14.

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