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  • CARES fund update from Commerce & the SAO

    In May of 2020, Governor Inslee announced that local governments would receive $300 million of the state's federal CARES funds. Join AWC, the Department of Commerce, and the State Auditor's Office for an informative webinar that will answer burning questions and address many of the common concerns.
    (CML: Public sector resource management, 1 credit)

  • AWC COVID-19 membership briefing

    This briefing provides city-specific updates and information on state and federal action related to the COVID-19 pandemic and emergency response. Learn about impacts to cities and how cities are responding, and hear about NLC’s new energetic #CitiesAreEssential campaign, including how and why you should get involved.
    (CML: Effective local leadership, 1 credit)

  • Small City Connector 2020

    CMLBugSmall cities are unique. It's the personal and close-knit nature of small communities that make them great places to live.
    (CML: Effective local leadership, 2 credits)

  • Layoffs, furloughs, benefits, & employment issues

    CMLBugThis webinar provides updates on the COVID-19 pandemic and how it can impact your organization. It covers topics such as how to address continuation of benefits questions and issues, unemployment matters including layoffs and furloughs, and future potential impacts to your organization.
    (CML: Effective local leadership, 1 credit)

  • Following OPMA & PRA during the COVID-19 pandemic

    CMLBugThis webinar provides information about temporary rules and guidance adjusting OPMA and PRA requirements during the Covid-19 pandemic. It offers modern methods for maintaining open lines of communication with the public from experts at AWC, the Attorney General's Office, and MRSC.
    (CML: Roles, responsibilities, and legal requirements, 1 credit)

  • COVID-19 & your small city financial controls

    CMLBugThis webinar provides resources from AWC, the Washington Municipal Clerks Association (WMCA) and the State Auditor's Office (SAO) for smaller cities to help them navigate questions about financial controls, separation of duties, and other best practices to help them stay financially safe, audit-secure, and physically healthy during this challenging time.
    (CML: Public sector resource management, 1 credit)

  • Transportation policy and budget update

    CMLBug The webinar gives you an insider look into how the Legislature tackled the I-976 transportation budget deficit, reviews major policies that passed into law, and discusses the future of transportation policy.
    (CML: Public sector resource management, 1 credit)

  • Impacts of HB 1071: Protecting personal info

    CMLBugThis webinar covers recent changes to the law on data breach notifications.
    (CML: Roles, responsibilities, and legal requirements, 1 credit)

  • AWC Legislative session wrap up webinar

    Certificate of Municipal Leadership programJoin the AWC Advocacy Team for an informative recap of city-related issues from the concluded 2020 legislative session.
    (CML: Effective local leadership, 1 credit)

  • Fundamentals of municipal budget cycles

    Certificate of Municipal Leadership programThis webinar explores how to master the basics of budgeting for a newly elected official and for staff who support newly elected officials.
    (CML: Public sector resource management, 1 credit)

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