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Published on May 15, 2020

Small City Connector 2020

Contact: AWC online learning

Small cities are unique. It's the personal and close-knit nature of small communities that make them great places to live. But governing a small town isn't easy and many small cities share similar experiences.

Even though we had to handle things differently this year (no dinner and raffle!), this virtual connector allowed us to get together with other small cities from around the state, and to hear and learn from each other.

In this recorded webinar, hear from AWC's CEO Peter King about the 2020 legislative session as well as the latest in city issues around COVID-19 in Washington.

Also, hear from the Washington State Auditor's office and AWC RMSA, and learn about tools and programs to help you with cybersecurity and financial management. Listen in, as other small city and town leaders share their needs with AWC about topics that have arisen since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

This webinar is for elected officials and department heads from small cities in Washington.

Recorded: May 13, 2020

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Peter King, AWC CEO

Adrienne Beatty, RMSA Program Manager, AWC

Andy Meyer, Special Projects Coordinator, AWC

Sherrie Ard, Washington State Auditor's Office


CML-icon-75City elected officials earn 2 credits toward your Certificate of Municipal Leadership and meet the effective local leadership requirement. Elected officials click here to let us know you’ve completed watching.

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