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Knowing the Legal Territory

Knowing the Legal Territory, is a must-see for every newly-elected mayor and councilmember. Easing your way into municipal office is much easier if you know where the speed traps and traffic bumps are. Presenter Steve DiJulio, Attorney, Foster Pepper PLLC keeps you on the straight and narrow.

PowerPoint – Steve DiJulio

CML-icon-75City elected officials can obtain CML credit when you watch all 10 videos. Elected officials click here to let us know you’ve completed watching.



Your city's authority – Part 1/10



What kind of city is this? – Part 2/10



Who does what? – Part 3/10



Situations to avoid – Part 4/10



Municipal finances – Part 5/10



Public meetings – Part 6/10



Types of meetings – Part 7/10



Public records – Part 8/10



Conflicts and ethics – Part 9/10



More conflict and ethics – Part 10/10

Download and print your certificate

Watching all 10 of the Knowing the Legal Territory videos will meet your Open Government Training Act requirement for elected officials. Please download, print, sign, and date your certificate for your records. We also recommend that you provide a signed copy to your city clerk.

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